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Ixia helps accelerate nfv migration of mobile networks

the industry's only full lifecycle solution is used to verify SDN and nfv migration and help realize virtualization expectations

Ixia announced that its award-winning ixload test solution can now be run as a virtualization system to help mobile operators succeed in strategic nfv deployment. By showing which cloud based functions match the performance of existing physical devices, I found some good projects Xia to enable mobile operators to determine what to virtualize, how to virtualize, and how to evaluate whether virtualization is successful

as mobile penetration, user expectations and competitive threats are increasing, operators' failure to pay attention to nfv deployment will bring unbearable risks to brands and profits Ixload simulates the behavior of mobile users and virtualized network functions (vnfs), allowing operators to accelerate the introduction of compelling new services with proven quality and performance. By providing traditional and new virtualization testing functions, ixload provides the large-scale real traffic load required to verify the key elements of virtualized wireless networks in terms of performance, quality and elasticity. During and after deployment, Ixia's visibility architecture and phantom virtualization monitoring probe vtaps can solve the new performance and security challenges brought by migration

product highlights

although they recognize the needs and vision of nfv, many mobile operators are still trying to fully understand the actual migration steps, quantify the benefits and evaluate whether they are successful. By providing ixload solution including virtualization network function expansion, Ixia enables mobile operators to accelerate the deployment of NF to operate V according to actual utilization in their networks, so as to accelerate the introduction of new services, improve network and service agility, simplify network management and optimization, and improve the economic benefits of service delivery

other benefits include:

using repeatable large-scale verification methods to optimize virtual networks, which can accurately mirror the real environment to help ensure the flexibility and performance of networks

expand to simulate millions of users, and evaluate quality of service (QoS) and policy control by testing with the highest load (hundreds of GB of full state traffic)

assign key quality of experience (QoE) indicators to voice, video, networking and data applications. More than 30 years ago, it was the origin of thermal inkjet technology. The measurement indicators include throughput, capacity, packet loss, delay, jitter, switching, connection speed and MOS score of voice/video quality

at the same time of releasing new products, Ixia's virtualization testing experts released the first e-book "nfv successful migration guide" in this field. This e-book draws on Ixia's experience, functional strategies and test cases in helping mobile operators verify the next generation of wireless networks, and helps operators verify that the goal of mobile network virtualization can be achieved and finally achieved

insights include:

a roadmap to replace the current network architecture and move from dedicated physical devices to virtualization and software controlled networks

know exactly the indicators of successful migration and reasonable virtualization investment

test cases to ensure that virtualized networks provide mobile users with satisfactory performance, flexibility, security and quality of experience (QoE)

Gabriel brown, senior analyst at heavy reading, said: telecom operators are very interested in nfv and hope to build a more flexible network that can be configured more easily and evolve faster. However, operators need tools to accurately model, diagnose and test the behavior of virtualization network functions throughout the life cycle of services or deployments. The availability and maturity of these tools are critical to the popularity of nfv

joe zeto, senior product marketing director of Ixia, said: virtualization will not be achieved overnight. It is still a major challenge for operators. The hybrid network composed of physical and virtual components will exist for a long time. Replacing key networking functions may put user satisfaction at risk, so you must fully understand the actual steps and impacts at every step of the process. A mix of physical and virtual evaluation capabilities is needed to fully verify success

about Ixia

Ixia is committed to developing excellent products to connect customers with the world. By delivering dynamic and coherent technologies and services to users quickly and safely, IX "process integration and automation are the prerequisites to meet the unit cost requirements of the high-yield automotive industry. Ia helps its customers achieve and provide a constant user experience. Ixia has operational insight, which can accelerate and ensure the delivery of applications and services, enabling customers to shorten the time to market, optimize application performance, and improve deployment quality

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