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Jabra evolve family adds "new members" and office entertainment are suitable for both

Jabra, a global audio and communication technology expert, recently launched Jabra evolve 30 II headset and added new products to its evolve series. As an upgraded version of evolve 30, evolve 30 II has Jabra HD voice noise reduction technology, easy call management control, plug and play and other functions to help you focus on listening and communicate effectively. Equipped with microphones and speakers specially made for voice and music, it is a headset product suitable for voice communication and music entertainment

jabra evolve series is a professional headset designed to improve attention and call quality. It has advanced active or passive noise reduction technology, which can eliminate all kinds of noise in the open environment, create a high-definition attention area without noise interference, help users easily complete multiple tasks while maintaining good voice communication, and improve personal work efficiency and even enterprise competitiveness

the new evolve 30 II has been completely upgraded and specially designed for business people. So do you know how to protect and maintain the bellows replacement experimental machine? What skills are used? Let's learn about it with 1 below. Today, with the diversity of intelligent terminals, Jabra evolve 30 II fully considers the various application scenarios that users may face, and improves the user experience in all aspects. The headset has a unique wired dual connection design, and provides a 3.5mm plug and a USB adapter with a 3.5mm jack, which can meet the multi device use of your computer, smart and tablet computer; The intuitive wired call control device, buttons and LED indicators are convenient for users to operate quickly, and it is extremely easy to answer, hang up or adjust the volume of more details of this proprietary technology that the company has not revealed for the time being; Evolve 30 II is also compatible with all mainstream unified communication platforms, supports plug and play, and is easy to install. The uniquely designed ear pad can block out high-frequency noise, and can build the absolute field of users whether it is calling or music

jabra evolve 30 II is a minimalist style in appearance design, and pure black color matching can better highlight personal ability and temperament whether it is used for office or entertainment. The earmuffs are ergonomically designed, and the leather material is soft and comfortable, and there will be no pressure and heat feeling when worn for a long time; It is equipped with an adjustable length of connecting cable to help users feel free when wearing headphones, and can freely handle the work at hand; The earmuff can be rotated 90 degrees, and the microphone can be adjusted 360 degrees. Users can adjust it according to their personal habits. It is more comfortable to use, and work and life can be more efficient and interesting

professional technology, excellent quality, Jabra's main use: the release of evolve 30 II makes Jabra evolve series product solutions more comprehensive. With Jabra evolve series earphones, you will have flexible working conditions, can answer anytime and anywhere, and integrate work and entertainment. This precision is 0.005 mm. One minute you are still solving problems, but the next minute you are playing your favorite songs to relax. Choose Jabra evolve series earphones to make office more efficient and life more interesting

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