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Jabra Pro 925dual connectivity, which is a call center oriented traffic headset, is entirely a commercial product, so if you want to use it as a car headset, you can give up the idea. As a commercial traffic headset, it naturally focuses on some of the most essential functions

jabra Pro 925 dual connectivity is a relatively tall design in the traffic headset, so it uses plastic ropes to tie things and adopts Bluetooth connection. At the same time, Jabra also adds the popular n-displacement and industrialized nano materials with chemical synthesis method as the main shape measurement cable photoelectric encoder Fc function to this headset, which can not only connect wirelessly with the base, but also connect it with mobile devices, Earphones allow simultaneous access to and mobile devices, facilitating the actual use of users. It is understood that the theoretical transmission distance between the headset and the base is 100m, and the battery life is as high as 12 hours, which can fully meet the daily work needs of the call center

product advantages

1 The transmission distance with the base can reach 100 meters

2.12 hours of endurance, which is enough for one day's work

3 Bluetooth transmission supporting NFC fast pairing can connect mobile devices

Product packaging and accessories

Jabra Pro 925 dual connectivity packaging

Jabra Pro 925 dual connectivity packaging is very pragmatic and concise, completely playing the role of packaging, without any fancy things or product related introductions. The package contains the base, earphone, cable, power adapter and a stack of instructions

jabra Pro 925 dual connectivity and accessories

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