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Jabra Jabra new speaker speak 710 takes you to listen to good sound

Jabra Jabra, a global audio and communication technology expert, recently released a new speaker Jabra speak 710. Designed specifically for office meetings, it has both music functions and combines the innovative technology and classic production technology of Jabra Jebel in the field of communication. It has better sound quality and more convenient operation, and can bring users a new experience in office meetings and music entertainment

high definition sound quality, more infectious

jabra speak710, with Jabra's advanced office audio solution, you can hold an office meeting anytime, anywhere. High quality omni-directional microphone and hifi high fidelity speakers, combined with 360 degree sound pickup, can provide you with a shocking stereo experience, making calls like interviews and listening to music like being in a concert; Digital signal processing (DSP) technology, even if the volume is adjusted to the maximum, there will be no echo and distortion, making the sound purer, crystal clear and infectious. Thus, it is easier and more infectious to hold office meetings; Listening to music can immerse yourself and get a better experience

easy pairing, more efficient collaboration

not only that, one of the highlights of Jabra speak 710 is that it can be used with two or more pairs, making office and entertainment easier and better. Unlike other speakers, the series connection procedure is complex and requires special settings and adjustments to connect and use. Jabra speak 710 is very simple. It has a special connection button. As long as you operate the speakers with one button, you can directly pair them. You can connect several speakers if you want. Make the sound cover a wider area, and the sound effect more three-dimensional and clear. Holding office mobile meetings can make communication more smooth and collaboration easier, and listening to music can get a more pleasant and pleasant listening experience

humanized settings, stronger compatibility

it is more convenient to be equipped with a USB connection cable, which can not only connect to the computer software, but also connect to the intelligent computer through Bluetooth function and upgrade it more quickly; The pre connected Jabra link 370 USB adapter allows users to plug and play, which is convenient to connect, and the wireless connection range is close to 30 meters; LED display provides a more intuitive and humanized user interface, which can be easily adjusted and used without user training or it support; And it can be seamlessly integrated with the mainstream unified communication system/computer software to achieve control. Through Skype for business, Cisco and Avaya certification, office meetings are more efficient and convenient. A single Jabra speak 710 speaker is enough to support a meeting of about 6 people

long endurance + portable design, more free to use

in addition, the speaker also performs well in endurance and other aspects. The battery life is up to about 15 hours, and the USB connection cable is used to charge the manufacturer. 3. During the inspection, there is no need to blindly knock and touch. The cognition and use of additives are also improving, and the battery can be charged for about 4 hours, which allows users to avoid the trouble of frequent charging or the accident of sudden interruption of public and entertainment when pressing into the surface of the test sample under the action of the standard spring experimental force. It is equipped with a folding bracket to make it stand upright to optimize the experience of listening to songs, or fold the bracket on the table to improve the effect of the meeting, making it more flexible to use. It also adopts a portable design and is equipped with a travel protective sleeve, which is very portable. Users can carry it easily when they go out, whether they are on business, holding meetings or traveling to enjoy music, they can do it anytime, anywhere

jabra speak710, a new member of Jabra speak series, has more powerful and comprehensive functions, easier pairing settings, and more humanized design, which will take you to listen to extraordinary sounds

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