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Jabra sport pulse: safe start, national fitness

at present, the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games are in intense progress, and China has won three gold medals, ranking first in the medal list. This is a summer that has attracted much attention. At the same time, it coincides with China's National Fitness Day on August 8. We can't just cheer or sigh for the achievements of our athletes in front of the TV and computer. Instead, we should move to strengthen our bodies, practice the purpose of improving our physical fitness on the National Fitness Day with practical actions, and walk with the Olympics

among all kinds of exercise methods, running is the most popular one with low threshold, easy execution. On this National Fitness Day, we should run more and stick to it in the future

jabra sport pulse jabulan Pochi wireless intelligent sports headset, with clinical level heart rate monitoring function, can let you start safely and truly get healthy through running

running looks simple and can be carried out anytime and anywhere. In fact, everyone has different physical qualities and will face certain risks. If someone pursues speed too much, someone pursues intensity too much in order to lose weight, and inappropriate exercise rhythm sometimes makes people arrhythmia, resulting in fainting or even death. Jabra sport pulse jabulan Pochi wireless intelligent headset adopts the photoelectric detection principle to monitor the real-time heart rate of runners, and the accuracy has reached the 99% level of ECG (electrocardiogram). Runners can immediately adjust their rhythm to ensure their physical safety if their heart rate is abnormal during running

for professional bodybuilders, although running is easy, it should not be blind, but should have a scientific plan to improve their health level step by step. Jabra sport pulse, Jabra sport life app, can help runners make scientific running plans. At the same time, you can also set your exercise heart rate range and receive professional guidance from headphones during running. Once the heart rate exceeds or falls below this range, it will remind you in time, and you can speed up or slow down to better implement the fitness plan

good health is the best investment that can earn without losing money. The purpose of the National Fitness Day is to enable Chinese people to establish a sense of daily fitness and improve their physical fitness. National fitness is more than just talking about, let alone 5. It is to reduce the cost. Even if we run in this day, we will complete it. We should stick to it every day in the future. With Jabra sport pulse, Jabra lamborghi wireless headset to accompany you, your running fitness goal will be achieved earlier

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