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The application of tool setting instrument in CNC lathe

tool setting instrument has the function of tool setting and tool compensation. It is mainly composed of tool tip contact sensor, swing arm and driving device

the tool setting instrument equipped with the machine tool is renishao's HPPA (high-precision pull-down tool setting instrument) type, such as the lattice structure tool setting instrument. HPPA type is a simple and manually operated "pull down and push up" system, which is a device fixedly installed in the machine tool to facilitate rapid tool setting. HPPA provides a rotary positioning device, which can automatically lock the tool setting arm into the three-point precision positioner Hanyang technology, without additional adjustment and locking devices, so that the repeated positioning accuracy of the probe can reach 5 μ m。 When not in use, the HPPA swing arm can be hung and placed, which takes up the least lathe space

the specification of the tool setting arm of the tool setting instrument is applicable to the selection of 6 ~ 24In chuck, equipped with probes with 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50mm tool squares

hppa tool setting instrument is equipped with a precision probe. The small and solid probe is suitable for a variety of probes, and can work on the x-z plane for 360 degree full measurement - - the Y axis is also suitable. April 19

HPPA tool setting instrument has the following advantages:

> rapid measurement and correction of tool length and diameter offset values

> dual color LED indicator continuously displays the working state of the system

> avoid the artificial intervention error of manual tool setting

> ensure that the quasi auto parts and other items of the first piece stop 1 series of stretching, tightening and tearing experiments to determine the dimensional accuracy

> carry out tool breaking detection to prevent waste products

> shorten the auxiliary time of machine tools and improve production efficiency

when designing the tool setting instrument using the computer interface of the hydraulic universal testing machine, make the tool tip contact with the sensor, and the tool compensation value will be automatically inserted into the tool

in the compensation storage. At the same time, the tool setting instrument can also automatically set the offset value of the workpiece coordinate system, so as to establish the workpiece coordinate system. In this case, the coordinate system of the workpiece can be established without G50 instruction in the machining program

precautions when using the tool setting instrument:

1. Be careful when installing the tool. If the tool overhang length is incorrect, the tool holder or tip may interfere with the tool setting instrument arm and damage the machine tool

2. When using the tool setting instrument, check whether the tool setting instrument swing arm interferes with the chuck claw by swinging the tool setting instrument swing arm and rotating the chuck (manual operation), especially when the claw is self-made. If there is interference, rotate the chuck to the non-interference position of the swing arm before testing

3. The spindle stops rotating

4. Tailstock and sleeve return. (end)

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