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JA China joins hands with Dow chemistry to broaden the green thinking of primary school students

"future city, green imagination" 2013ja Chinese primary school students' green innovation challenge was held in Shanghai. The event was initiated by the International Youth achievement China Department (hereinafter referred to as JA China), the world's largest non-profit organization focusing on youth economic and business education, and sponsored by Dow Chemical Company. Primary school students from 16 schools in Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu and Xi'an formed a "small company" to market and show their innovative green goods and services and their understanding of urban sustainable development to the on-site guests, It also shows that the size of the responsibility sample of future urban citizens has changed, although the sense of responsibility and sense of ownership

figure: Mr. Luo Kai, commercial director of Dow Chemical, listened carefully to the introduction of students to prevent oil leakage

this activity consists of three main links: in the "green innovation fair", the young contestants creatively designed their own urban sustainable development products and services based on their professional knowledge of urban transportation, water resources, environmental protection, garbage disposal and other sustainable development learned in JA "our city" course, With beautiful posters, display boards and exquisite products, he showed the guests his practical efforts to promote social sustainable development. Subsequently, the "companies" introduced their business plans in a very professional manner in the "green product launch" link, in the form of speeches, sketches, songs and dances. Balcony green superimposed small countryside, breathing car tents and other innovative green products make everyone refreshing. Students not only developed innovative, market value and social significance of sustainable development products and services, but also deeply thought and planned the future development path of the "company". Next, on behalf of their teams, the 16 "small CEOs" had a confident and equal dialogue and interaction with the guests present. Although they were only about years old, they had an in-depth discussion with the guests on important topics such as product design and development, enterprise team management and future talent leadership, which brought the whole event to a climax

"participating in the competition this time makes me feel very interesting. It turns out that the environmental protection knowledge and marketing principles we learned in the classroom can really be applied to real life", said Wang lingxuan, who won the "future leader award" happily, "with this experience, I am more confident that I and my classmates will become truly useful people to the society!"

Zhang Lei, director of human resources of Dow Chemical Asia Pacific, said: "Green and urban development are a group of key words that people are most concerned about now. Dow itself is an enterprise that roots sustainable development in the company's culture and business strategy, but it is far from enough to be alone. How to promote this concept to the whole industry and the public, especially in a vivid way to help children understand the importance of environmental protection for urban and even human development at an early age, and will use liquid nitrogen to cool the impact spline It is the direction we continue to pay attention to. "

Ms. Gao Yang, executive president of JA China, said: "Through designing innovative and practical education projects, we hope that children can start from the bit by bit of urban sustainable development, gradually expand their horizons and minds in the process of learning, experience and practice, not only take responsibility for themselves, the team and the future enterprise, but also with the image of global economic talents with character, creativity and leadership, go to the international stage and make contributions to the world."

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