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ITU provides satellite communication equipment for the Haiti earthquake zone. According to UN station, the interruption of communication with the outside world after the earthquake in Haiti is one of the most serious problems faced by the people in the disaster area and humanitarian relief agencies. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said on January 14 that it had allocated US $1million for cylinder liner and piston ring friction and wear testing machines to provide Haiti with satellite communication equipment to help people in disaster areas contact their families and facilitate the assistance operations of humanitarian agencies

cosmoszavazava, the head of the International Telecommunication Union in charge of emergency communication business, said on the 14th that the agency would deploy CDMA base stations and satellite communication terminals for mobile communication in Haiti as soon as possible, and send experts to provide technical support

1.1 the primary components (orifice plate, remote measurement connector, etc.) are blocked or installed incorrectly. Zawazawa said that people can call their relatives in non earthquake areas to report safety; Relief and humanitarian agencies can also call and send messages free of charge. Many enterprises extend the industrial chain in order to achieve the set goal of 1 yuan/watt hour of power battery cost in 2020; Government agencies can also use these devices to coordinate logistics and other actions

ITU will inform the Haitian people through various channels that the agency will set up public communication centers in the earthquake areas, so that they can go to these places and use satellite communication equipment to contact their relatives

Zawa Zawa said that helping countries around the world cope with communication outages after disasters is part of ITU's work. In addition to providing assistance to Haiti this time, the agency is now carrying out assistance operations in Indonesia, Zambia and other countries affected by disasters such as earthquakes and floods. In addition, ITU also helps countries develop contingency plans for telecommunications systems so that they can be prepared for disasters

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