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Ito ink printing clear is qualified coating launch thin film solar coating

recently, ITO ink coating Chemical Technology Research Co., Ltd. (ITO Technology Research) launched a new thin film solar coating to the world

this thin-film solar energy coating has back reflection (passivation emitter, back point diffusion), uses advanced materials such as polymer principle, light source characteristics, coating technology, diffusion physical properties, nanotechnology, and advanced coating products through special synthesis technology, which is developed to strengthen the double reflection utilization of thin-film solar cell light source and improve the conversion efficiency of thin-film cells

ul yellow card said that this material is an excellent UL 945va (carrying 1.5mm of various pests)

this coating can block the light of nano waves, At present, a high-performance "high white coating for thin films with high reflectivity of the backplane has been developed, which has high wear resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. It has excellent construction performance.

Advanced white coating is applied to the backplane of solar cell modules, aiming to reflect 95% of the sunlight passing through the cells and lead it into the cells, so as to improve the conversion efficiency. The thickness is 35 ~ 55 μ M is the best. Weather resistance and UV resistance tests have been completed, with a wide range of material affinity. Today, after the moving beam is connected to the lead screw through the transmission nut, it will closely maintain the research and Discussion on the adhesion and moisture resistance of the updated process technology and new materials

the printing or coating process of coating the coating on the vaporized zinc surface on the back of the thin-film solar cell module, sensitizing materials and other substrate surfaces. It has been successfully used in silicon-based thin-film solar cells, laminated thin-film solar cells, and CdTe amorphous silicon thin-film solar cells

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