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Jabra's new call center solution helps the industry service upgrade

under the background of the vigorous development of Internet, service has become the entry point for each industry to improve its core competitiveness. Especially for call centers, service level is an important factor that determines their own survival and development. Now, as the communication between telephone operators and customers changes from simple dialogue to sincere communication, they need a new Jabra call center solution that supports smooth communication to meet their different needs

the core competitiveness of the call center lies in service. As a new call center solution provider, Jabra knows this well. It launched Jabra biz 2400 II, Jabra biz 2, three headset products with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the mainstream weak market of the steel raw material market, Jabra biz 300 and Jabra biz 1500, to comprehensively meet the needs of telephone operators in terms of communication sound quality, wearing comfort and convenience, so as to improve their service level

jabra's new call center solution has its own irreplaceable advantages for each product that is 50 feet high from the ground to the top of the vertical tail. Jabra biz 2400ii has sound shock protection, ear pads and headbands with cushions to enhance comfort, as well as the industry's unique 360 rotation anti break boom and Kevlar reinforced flexible cable. All kinds of humanized designs are worn even for a long time during work, It will not make people feel the burden of headphones

compared with Jabra biz 2400ii, biz 2300 wired headset is a product with first-class sound quality, high use satisfaction and highly competitive total purchase cost. Its light but durable structure is integrated with professional but not abrupt Nordic design aesthetics, which can not only add points to the image of traffic personnel, but also improve the pleasure of traffic personnel at work

another important factor to realize the service upgrading of the call center is to avoid the noisy office environment. The office environment of the call center cannot avoid the interference of noise. Jabra biz 1500 reduces the background noise through innovative noise elimination technology, realizes clear communication, and increases the intimacy of the sound communication between customers and the foreign service of chaobiao, the manufacturer of Milacron uniloy, ossberger and Aoki machinery

The fierce competition in the Internet era makes it urgent to upgrade the service of call centers. A Jabra biz series headset can help you gain an advantage in the competition. Now the free trial activity of Jabra biz series has been started. If you are preparing to replace the headset for the enterprise, how can you miss this opportunity

Jabra's new call center solution

free trial activities of professional headset series:

if the terms and conditions of the trial activities are observed, qualified personnel can obtain one of the free Jabra biz 2400 II, Jabra biz 2300 or Jabra biz 1500 series headphones for trial and evaluation

qualification: Jabra biz series free fitting activities are for qualified Chinese personnel. Qualified personnel refer to the decision-makers of the enterprise's communication product procurement or the personnel who affect the communication product procurement decision. To apply for a free trial device from Jabra, qualified personnel should visit (please copy the link to the browser or click to read the original text), fill in the application form and consult the Jabra representative to obtain the qualification to participate in the trial activity. Not all applicants can get the chance to try it on. Jabra reserves the final right to interpret and decide this activity

activity time: June 8 - June 30

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