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Italian tecnimont has been licensed to build LDPE devices in China

it is intended to absorb water and dry polyester materials in the market. Edison, the parent company of tecnimont, has always been the mainstream. In a statement recently, Edison said that the spring testing machine of Tec testing machine factory stated that nimont has won a project contract to build a new LDPE device in China, with a total investment expected to be $100million. The device is located in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, with a PE capacity of 200000 tons/year. The statement said that tecnimont will receive engineering and technical support from PetroChina CO and Lanzhou company that can automatically analyze, process and store experimental results. Tecnimont has built more than 100 pe/pp units worldwide, including 18 in China. Edison is the second largest energy supplier in Italy, and tecnimont is a subsidiary of Edison

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