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Italian wine industry applies RFID technology

what will the future wine cork look like? An Italian cork named smartcorq was born in lab ID in Bologna. It was produced by perbacco, a professional cork manufacturer in Milan, and first used by cabrere, a famous winery in Umbria. This cork can be read, written and deleted. Consumers and wine lovers can "talk" with wine through an RFID. Arnaldo caprai, an Italian winemaker famous for 120 building sealing materials, is trying to use a new synthetic cork smartcorq to package wine. The seemingly simple smartcorq contains the endless scientific and technological charm of RFID technology

region: Umbria, Italy

working frequency: 13.56MHz

User: vintner Arnaldo caprai

implementation company: Italian lab ID company, Philips company

case source: RFID radio frequency express

lab ID is located in Bologna, Italy. It is a famous Italian chip and label manufacturer and has developed a new wine cork using RFID technology, Due to the traceability of RFID technology, wine manufacturers can write the unique code and other relevant information of each bottle of wine into the cork, which is not only convenient for storage and retrieval, but also can share data resources with wine distributors, retailers and customers

lab ID has initially formed a patent system for a new type of intelligent synthetic bottle stopper. Lab ID believes that their smart bottle stopper smartcorq can show the charm of RFID technology to users, which can enable producers and consumers of alcohol consumer goods to obtain a higher level of quality assurance, and can clearly know the source of each bottle of wine. The label of the intelligent bottle stopper contains a lot of information, such as the filling time of the bottle of wine, the type of grapes, the percentage of alcohol and other necessary information. The label installed in the intelligent cork can be read effectively, which helps wine manufacturers store wine more efficiently. This paper introduces the improvement of the pin of the calibration device of the nest tensile testing machine. At the same time, wine distributors, retailers and consumers can use some means to learn the details of wine corks. Lab ID is looking for a way for wine manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers to better and more conveniently enjoy the convenience and happiness brought by RFID smartcorq; Lab ID focuses on NFC tags

near field communication technology (RFID radio frequency express note: or improper operation), namely NFC technology, allows consumers to obtain wine information stored in smartcorq through their NFC. NFC technology is mainly designed for consumer application systems that are close (about 7 cm) and need high security. NFC is becoming a hot spot in the world. RFID radio frequency Express reported a series of NFC topics in 2005, such as the fans of Atlanta Philips stadium use the Nokia 3220 NFC with RFID technology to pay bills, buy sporting goods and download posters. In addition, Finland's olu let RFID replace passengers' boarding cards as a more convenient means of bus payment. For details, please see/case/p? ArticleID=2266; Multi space mobile parking meters have been installed in California cities such as San Francisco and San Diego to accept payment means such as mobile payment, credit card and ATM card; West Hollywood is also considering using RFID technology to pay the cost of urban subway and bus. NFC technology can establish a short-range communication path between consumer devices configured with NFC interface, which greatly improves the performance of users to connect data and services wirelessly; Generally, it operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz, with a maximum transmission distance of 20 cm and a very high transmission rate

the readable and writable label is built into the bottle stopper. It uses the i-code SLI chip of Philips company to implement the ISO 15693 standard, with a frequency of 13.56 MHz and a memory capacity of about 1024 bits. Lab Id said that in addition to the smartcorq smart bottle stopper now launched, there is also a smart ordinary bottle stopper patent that also uses RFID technology. It is expected to enter the trial stage later this year, but the specific time has not been determined. Lab ID has full confidence in the new intelligent synthetic bottle stopper Market and believes that the development prospect of this market is worth looking forward to

"at present, 70% of the wine bottle stoppers used all over the world are made of synthetic materials," said Marco astorri, deputy general manager of lab ID. "they neither react with nor slide into the wine bottle easily. The intelligent wine bottle stoppers we developed are essentially synthetic stoppers."

as the first experimenter of cork reform, Italian winemaker Arnaldo caprai began to use smartcorq intelligent corks in September 2005, mainly for a very expensive wine. According to lab ID, by April this year, Arnaldo caprai will use about 10000 smartcorq intelligent bottle stoppers. Every year, Italian wineries produce about 700000 bottles of wine

in the vineyard of Arnaldo caprai, La introduced some functions and operations of the shared hydraulic pressure testing machine. B-id developed and configured RFID system, with about 30 hybrid card readers and 20-25 handheld terminals. These read-write products are all independently designed and developed by lab ID. The operator only needs to write the relevant data information into the label of the smart cork after completing the wine filling process. Marco astorri said, "Arnaldo caprai is using RFID technology to optimize the workflow of the whole plant."

at present, Arnaldo caprai is the only user of smartcorq smart cork. From the aspect of lab ID, RFID radio frequency express learned that several winemakers have shown great interest in smart cork technology and intend to try to use this RFID technology in the second half of this year

lab ID points out that even if the contents of the smartcorq label of each bottle of wine are very similar, the RFID system will recognize it. Therefore, the intelligent cork technology has strong security performance. Marco astorri compared the difference between labels, wine bottles and smart corks: labels are easy to damage, but corks are not easy to damage; Wine bottles with smart labels can be recycled, but smart corks cannot be recycled

source: Shaanxi liquor industry information

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