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Italian wire rod rolling also has the latest technology

Italian ferrierenord uses the latest generation of 10 pass heavy-duty high-speed wire rod rolling unit of double track Danieli to replace the existing old equipment, so the manufacturers basically won't choose, so that the annual production capacity can restore 680000 tons of double track wire rod production capacity

this equipment update and transformation only took 6 weeks, setting a record for the transformation time of the same type of equipment. It is mainly due to the excellent performance of ferrenord and Danieli technicians, coupled with the skilled and experienced operators, that it is possible to complete the transformation task in such a short time

the purpose of this transformation is to improve equipment efficiency, product quality and material yield on the basis of the existing wire rod mill. This set of wire rod mill was manufactured by dahanli in 1979, and it was transformed in the late 1980s and early 1990s

this time, it is mainly to build two sets of new rolling mills. As for the rough fracture zone system, the design rolling speed is 10m/s, and the supporting equipment includes the compact cutting shear located at the inlet side and the new wire water-cooling line located at the outlet side, which is used as DSC controllable cooling. Do you know how to install and operate the concrete pressure testing machine? It is part of the system upgrading and transformation. The reformed rolling mill will be able to produce 5 ~ 16mm diameter wire rod, with a coil weight of 200kg, and a production capacity of more than 100 tons per hour

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