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Italy X Japan | Feng Lu Fu + rubber sole can turn into super tricks, I admire it

I think I'm picky, but I don't catch a cold for substances. But last week, a pair of shoes suddenly planted grass in my heart. The reason is that I accidentally saw the video tracker on youtube, because it was so cool that it broke my common sense of shoes. I excerpted it, put down the poison and plant it together

this pair of shoes looks like a piece of leather when you open it, and after folding it twice, it can quickly stick to the foot and become a soft and abnormal shoe. It is very neat and convenient, and the lines on the vamp are also close to the surface of the foot, outlining a streamlined shape, which perfectly combines high-tech and nature, and is simply natural. And the material is also elastic

out of curiosity about design, I recorded the brand vibram and model furoshiki of this pair of shoes. The first plane of C919 large passenger plane successfully flew in Shanghai Pudong International Airport for the first time. Then I checked the brand vibram, and found that this pair of shoes with Japanese names was an Italian brand, And there are franchised stores in China (yes, it's my fault. My vision is limited. I only know the sports brand companies that line up all day to restrict purchases ~)

vibram's history dates back to 1935. A pair of vulcanized rubber mountaineering shoes developed by the Italian founder Vitale bramani at that time were quickly welcomed by everyone because they could adapt to various geographical surfaces. There are not many introductions here, and then they have been done until now. So far, many outdoor shoe brands have adopted their soles. Over the past 80 years, vibram has always focused on outdoor activities, but people's creativity has not dried up, as evidenced by this famous pair of five toed shoes

&e quality assurance MSP; This pair of magical furoshiki is derived from Japanese, which means "Feng Lu Fu". This is a traditional Japanese method of packing bags, which can wrap all kinds of things. It first appeared in the Edo era in Japan. At first, it was used as a package for people to go to public baths to change clothes. Later, with the influx of bags from the west, it gradually declined. However, with the rise of environmental awareness in recent years, this traditional method has been carried forward again

this traditional oriental living technique is favored by this Italian company. As a result, there is a fashionable design that integrates "Feng LV Fu" and modern shoe technology

it is said that the earliest concept of shoes was put forward by Marco bramani, the boss of vibram in 2011, and was finally launched after three or four years of research and experiment by its Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto. Now this pair of shoes is light and convenient to fold into the smallest volume to carry around. Once launched, it has been loved by many trendsetters. Although I didn't catch up with the "tide", I was also impressed by its cool new interpretation

who says that the traditional is doomed to decline? This pair of shoes is the best proof to the contrary. If you want to buy it, you can have it on, and preese can confiscate the advertising fee

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