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On September 8, Zach boteilho, a senior innovative developer of Brooks running, said that his trip to Xi'an, Shaanxi Province officially kicked off

in the face of fierce market competition, people's electric appliance has continuously strengthened its marketing management, vigorously advocated the marketing concept of "honest management, service first", actively implemented the 24-hour after-sales service system, and initially formed a new marketing pattern with the characteristics of "people are the advanced unit of national circular economy". In recent years, the group has carried out activities such as "service Wanli", "marketing Wanli", "brand Wanli" and "quality Wanli", which have won unanimous praise from customers and dealers

according to Wang Dayu, deputy general manager of the Group sales company and head of the "Wanlixing" activity group, the "Wanlixing of people's electrical quality" activity has been carried out since June this year, covering 10 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in East China, North China and Northeast China, with a journey of 18000 kilometers. The hydraulic technology is at a standstill for more than kilometers, and 862 dealers and key customers have been visited, Providing various services 120 "size is very important for more than 0 times. During the Olympic Games, after a short rest, the" Wanlixing "team set foot on the journey again on September 1, and plans to travel throughout the northwest regions such as Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, etc. during the national" quality month "

the "ten thousand mile walk" activity carried out by people electric appliance has not only improved the popularity and reputation of the "people" brand, but also is of great significance to enhance citizens' awareness of quality, establish the overall image of "made in Wenzhou", and show the style of Zhejiang Province with a large economy, manufacturing and brand

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