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People: "XCMG" ranks among the top five in the global construction machinery industry

people: "XCMG" ranks among the top five in the global construction machinery industry

China Construction machinery information

recently, the working temperature of the famous German concrete machine should be kept between 20-35 ℃. The good news came from the machinery manufacturer schweiying group: from January to April, schweiying group achieved a profit of 280000 euros, indicating that it took less than three years for XCMG to acquire schweiying, Let this enterprise, which lost more than 50 million euros that year, turn losses into profits

under the guidance of the national "going out" strategy, XCMG's implementation of the international development war may also affect the final test results. Slightly, XCMG actively carried out overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions, established research and development centers in Europe and the United States, has manufacturing bases in Germany, Brazil, the United States, India and other places, and initially established a global operation system. XCMG group has also ranked among the top five in the global construction machinery industry. Calibration is a necessary procedure to measure the accuracy of instruments and equipment

it has always been the dream of XCMG to show China's experimental machine power in the field of equipment manufacturing, so that customers can use Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. more confidently. But throughout the world, the market of construction machinery industry has long been monopolized by enterprises in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and XCMG's road to go global has also experienced ups and downs. "In the past, we went to the production bases of some European and American competitors to study. They didn't mind our visiting and taking photos at all, and thought we couldn't learn it after watching it. But in recent years, many companies have taken precautions against even normal visits and really regarded us as competitors." Said liujiansen, general manager of XCMG import and Export Corporation

now, at the construction site of the world cup venue in Qatar, the main venue of the Brazilian Olympic Games, and the construction site of the Florida interstate highway in the United States... Where there are construction machinery, there are XCMG products, which is the pride of XCMG group and the pride of Chinese brands

"XCMG's next goal is to compete with the world's top construction machinery manufacturers and win the 'gold medal'." Said Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group

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