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People's Electric Appliance Group held the 2008 business management summary and 2009 business plan meeting editor's note: from January 11 to 12, people's Electric Appliance Group held the 2008 business management summary and 2009 business plan meeting. The meeting carefully summarized the work achievements made in the past year and deployed the production and operation tasks for 2009

bid farewell to the old year, summarize achievements, welcome the Spring Festival and look forward to the future. From January 11 to 12, people's Electric Appliance Group held the 2008 business management summary and 2009 business plan meeting. Chairman Zheng Yuanbao, General Manager Ye Yusen, supervisor Bao Juwen, and the main leaders of the companies directly under the group, Ye Lin, Chen Shengli, Chen Linfeng, Bao Qishu, ye Xiangyu, Zheng Weiyu, Hu Qiming, as well as the responsible comrades of relevant departments, Xiang Youheng, Hu Fangcai, Wu Minjuan, ye Xiaoli, Xu shangmiao, etc., attended the meeting. The meeting carefully summarized the work achievements made in the past year and deployed the production and operation tasks for 2009

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meeting, chairman Zheng Yuanbao made an important speech. He fully affirmed the work achievements of all units in 2008, thanked the employees for their hard work over the past year, commented on the work reports of the participants one by one, and put forward clear requirements for all work in 2009 according to the global economic situation and the actual production and operation of the group, pointing out the direction for work in the future period (the full text is issued separately) 。 Zheng Yuanbao asked all units to raise awareness, avoid risks, turn crises into opportunities, and calmly deal with the current domestic and international economic situation; It is necessary to strengthen management, strengthen and constantly improve the incentive mechanism, so as to clarify responsibilities, authorities, tasks and priorities, so as to ensure efficient execution. Zheng Yuanbao also put forward requirements on market development, brand building, supervision, team spirit and other aspects. He hoped that middle and senior managers would strengthen their own construction, constantly improve their leadership quality and business skills, set an example for the majority of employees, and strive to promote the sound and rapid development of people's electric appliance group

Ye Yusen, general manager of the group, made a work report to the conference. He summarized the operation and management achievements made in the past year, pointed out the problems existing in the work and the direction of improvement, and deployed the production and operation tasks in 2009. He said that 2008 was an extraordinary year, especially in the size of the experimental force acceptable to the fixture, which was a major target economic field of the fixture. The global economy experienced inflation in the first half of the year and deflation in the second half of the year, which had a great impact on the development of the national economy. Under the correct leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, people's electric appliance group, with great foresight, held a senior management meeting as early as the first day of the new year to study and deploy the overall strategy to deal with the severe test of national macro-control and international economic situation in 2008, so that the group can win at the starting point. Not only has it not been affected by the financial storm to replace gb11945- ⑴ 989, but also the manufacturing industry and diversified industries have increased significantly over the same period last year, Gratifying economic and social benefits have been achieved. Ye Yusen introduced in detail the achievements made by the people's Electrical Appliance Group since 2008 in brand building, technology research and development, financial and fund management, national quality award, institutionalized construction, human resources and comprehensive administrative management, as well as party and mass work, and pointed out the shortcomings and improvement directions in business management. Due to the continuous progress of technology and the need of market segmentation, jinxun is looking for new traders and end-users. The universal testing machine for materials shows a situation that the two series and four types of hydraulic and electronic Jinan assays are equal. Although the development trend of impact testing machine is to seek advanced technology, in the next period of time, affected by factors such as price, cost, manufacturing difficulty and so on, all kinds of testing machines will still compete and coexist in the market, Only by deeply understanding the advantages and disadvantages of control characteristics, structural situation, important parameters and other aspects, can we choose suitable products. In 2009, General Manager Ye Yusen put forward new requirements. He hopes that in the new year, everyone will continue to carry forward their achievements, strive to realize the mission, vision and values of the group, closely unite around the chairman as the core, inspire their spirit, explore and innovate, and jointly develop the cause of the "people"

chairman Bao Juwen explained the work of the board of supervisors in 2008. He said that with the support and cooperation of all shareholders of the group, the board of directors and leaders at all levels, and following the two major standards conducive to the development of the enterprise and the maintenance of shareholders' rights and interests, the board of supervisors actively performed various work functions entrusted by the company law and the articles of association, supervised production, operation and management, gave full play to its monitoring role, and promoted the standardized operation and development of the enterprise. Bao Juwen explained the work of the legal affairs department, the financial audit department, the anti counterfeiting office and other departments, pointed out the deficiencies in the relevant work of each unit, and put forward suggestions for improvement and direction of efforts. Bao Juwen said that the board of supervisors will continue to strengthen its own construction, effectively strengthen supervision, faithfully perform the functions entrusted by the law and the articles of association, resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of all shareholders, and make contributions to the realization of the grand goal of people's electric appliance

Huang Hongbin, director of the group office, presided over the meeting. During the meeting, the heads of Jiangxi people's power transmission and transformation Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Substation Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Co., Ltd., sales company, Zhejiang joint stock company, science and technology investment company, import and export company and relevant departments of the group headquarters made reports on the operation and management of 2008 respectively, and put forward the work ideas for 2009

the meeting required that under the correct leadership of the chairman, all units should strengthen their confidence, dare to challenge, forge ahead in unity, achieve better results, and make unremitting efforts to successfully complete the business task of 2009

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