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People: XCMG calls "made in China" by quality

people: XCMG calls "made in China" by quality

China Construction machinery information

recently, XCMG group took 50 concrete mixer trucks to sea and exported them to the middle East. This is another big order of XCMG after 300 large excavators were exported to the Middle East market in batches this year

after more than 20 years of exploration and layout, XCMG group has finally realized its dream of going global on a large scale with its own brand of construction machinery. Among the global construction machinery giants, Chinese brands have finally appeared

today, at the construction site of the World Cup Stadium in Qatar, the main stadium of the Brazilian Olympic Games, the pipeline laying site in the oil producing area in Houston, the United States, and the railway construction site in Turkey, you can see a large amount of bright "XCMG gold", which is the proud color of XCMG workers

brand: China Machinery benefits from China's development

what do you want people to think of when they mention XCMG

facing this problem, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said, "we hope to leave the user experience: the product is first-class, the price is reasonable, and the service is unmatched by others. More importantly, it can represent the quality and culture of Chinese brands, and can think of the sincerity and kindness of Chinese people."

the self-esteem and responsibility flowing in the blood are the deepest impression of those who have been to XCMG

the predecessor of XCMG group is the Lunan eighth arsenal of the Eighth Route Army in 1943. From the beginning of its birth, XCMG group has undertaken the mission of saving the nation and serving the country. The first truck crane and the first road roller in New China were born here

"it is China's economic take-off that has created opportunities for XCMG's development." Wang Min said

when XCMG group was established in 1989, its operating income was only 350million yuan. At a time when China's rapid economic development is generally strengthening, XCMG group is facing problems similar to other state-owned enterprises, such as overstaffing, low efficiency, extensive management and so on. As soon as he took office, Wang Min began with rectifying his work style and paying close attention to the seven aspects of governance, vigorously promoted management innovation and personnel reform, and increased investment in scientific and technological research and development. Under the heavy fist, XCMG quickly walked out of the dilemma

"in addition to the general environment of China's rapid economic development, the key word of XCMG's development is innovation, continuous innovation." Said Li suoyun, deputy general manager of XCMG group

in 2012, XCMG Research Institute, which was built by XCMG with an investment of 1billion yuan, was completed and put into use. In January 2015, 146 testing projects in 9 laboratories of the domestic first-class XCMG Research Institute Experimental Center passed the National Laboratory Accreditation, obtained the accreditation certificate issued by the China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment, and became the developer of industry standards. Even in the current trough of the global construction machinery manufacturing industry, XCMG still maintains its R & D investment accounting for more than 4% of its sales revenue

machinery manufacturing depends on strength. Today, XCMG group's 1600 ton all terrain wheeled crane, 4000 ton crawler crane, 400 ton mining truck and 100 meter boom fire-fighting equipment have all maintained world records, with operating revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan and overseas revenue exceeding 2.3 billion US dollars. Its main indicators have ranked first in the national construction machinery industry for 26 consecutive years, ranking among the top five in the global construction machinery industry

export: win respect by quality and service

Babu, 40, is XCMG's dealer in Uzbekistan and has been elected XCMG's "top ten overseas dealers" for many consecutive years. Babu is not only second to none in the local market in terms of product sales, but also uses its own government resources and market relations to mediate and facilitate the establishment of XCMG Uzbekistan excavator factory

the construction of the "the Belt and Road" has brought new development opportunities to relevant industries in countries along the Silk Road, and XCMG's "the Belt and Road" layout is another step ahead

today, XCMG has established a relatively perfect marketing network in 65 countries along the "the Belt and Road", established branches and subsidiaries in Russia, India, Poland and other countries, established bulk parts factories in Uzbekistan, Poland, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Iran and other countries, and established R & D centers and production bases in Europe, the United States, Brazil and India. Eight of XCMG's top ten dealers are located in countries along the "the Belt and Road"

XCMG's road to go global is not plain sailing. "In the early 1990s, we went to Germany for the first time to participate in the construction machinery exhibition. We were ragged and unkempt." Liu Jiansen, general manager of XCMG import and export company, said, "at that time, there were no products, no manuals, only a small booth and a few photos. It was very exciting for someone to see products and change a business card."

the huge gap between XCMG and foreign brands has deeply hurt XCMG. Over the past 20 years, XCMG has experienced three stages from products going out, personnel going out to enterprise capital going out, paid a huge price and made brilliant achievements

at present, in Kazakhstan, XCMG's market share of products has reached 80%; In Qatar, XCMG's dealers provided service support for the construction of World Cup venues, with more than 300 million yuan of XCMG equipment under construction; The dazzling "xugongjin" can be seen in the mining area of Laos, the construction site of Mombasa Nairobi railway in Kenya, the Persian Gulf port and the pipeline project in Turkmenistan

"XCMG can enter the construction machinery market monopolized by developed countries for a long time by relying on its own excellent technology, professional services and the sincerity and kindness of people." Wang Min said

development: continue to deny and continue to start

construction machinery is a fully competitive industry. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have also adopted high-precision load sensors to measure force. The economy at home and abroad has slowed down, and the market competition is more intense

"several well-known manufacturers in the world are changing their marketing strategies and constantly infiltrating developing countries with localized products, mid-range adaptive technologies, and even by fighting a 'price war'. We are going the opposite way and entering the high-end market in developed countries. XCMG is bound to fight closely with the giants of machinery manufacturing in the future. Those who meet on a narrow road will win." Wang Min said

in the intelligent operation intelligence center of XCMG schweiying Machinery Co., Ltd., the operation, use and maintenance of XCMG machinery across the country are displayed on a large screen. Through the self-developed embedded technology, wireless communication, intelligent control, bus communication and other advanced information technology, with the help of IOT platform, remote collection and remote monitoring are realized. Each equipment is tracked and maintained by a specially assigned person. Customers have a need to ensure 10 minute response, Arrive in 2 hours and solve problems in 24 hours

"the integration of industrialization and informatization is the general trend, and the interconnection has brought new opportunities to the manufacturing industry. The informatization service level is the key to whether XCMG can realize overtaking on curves in the future, and personalized and professional services are the foundation of XCMG's competition." Said wujianglong, deputy general manager of XCMG group

manufacturing "serviceable machinery" is XCMG's ideal, and the key to achieving this goal lies in talents. For decades, XCMG has trained a large number of technical experts and management talents

"employees and XCMG are closely linked through the new non-metallic materials industry alliance." Meng xianqun, a national model worker and a front-line worker of XCMG, said, "as an industrial worker, XCMG's corporate culture with ideals and responsibilities shapes every employee."

the development of the difference between enterprise consolidation and standard weight is the process of constantly negating and starting again. "Many people told me that the current industry is depressed, the market demand is not strong, and the mood is very pessimistic. I don't agree." Wang Min said, "being an enterprise is most afraid of laziness. It doesn't use its brain, doesn't explore demand, doesn't pay attention to the market, only wants to increase production, and only looks at the immediate benefits. At present, both the Chinese economy and the world economy are undergoing transformation and upgrading, and the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries have great prospects. There are many global opportunities, and it's difficult to complain about others, and it's golden to be practical."

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