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Pepperl+fuchs successfully developed a new varikont sensor

the new generation sensor successfully developed by pepperl+fuchs combines innovation, reliability and pressure free release functions, and takes another step forward in zero fault work. The old sensor does not need performance matching, and can be replaced by the new sensor after simple installation and commissioning

Figure 1 the new varikont sensor adopts the new technology 360 to display the current electrical function status, which can make the installation, debugging and fault inquiry of the sensor more convenient, so that the operator can see its work and protection status at a glance

varikont sensor is the most typical structural form of inductive proximity switch so far. The shape of the sensor shell developed by pepperl+fuchs has been recognized in the entire sensor market and has become an international standard. Nowadays, varikont sensors can be seen in different application fields all over the world; In the field of machine tool and equipment manufacturing, it provides users with important information to ensure the smooth progress of each production process and process

it is not easy to develop a new sensor product to compete with the successful products that have been in the market for 30 years. On the one hand, the sensor housing size specified in ISO international standards shall not be changed; On the other hand, it is not easy to show users that the new product has real improvements and is indeed stronger than the original similar products

despite this background, Mannheim's experts finally succeeded: they set a new benchmark for other sensor developers in the market. For example, in addition to the improvement of electrical performance, its rugged performance and reliability in harsh environments have been improved. Experts expect to provide users with new sensors that can be used in machine tools and equipment under pressure release conditions

Figure 2 due to the use of appropriate materials, the new sensor can well resist UV irradiation; After redesigning the sealing scheme, it can also resist moisture and work reliably when working in the field for many years.

the new sensor is more perfect in the design of product corners and edges. LED light-emitting diodes are installed on four of the eight corners, of which two flashing green and yellow LED diodes are used to represent different plastic windows, doors The skeleton and even more key parts of the car are in plastic working state and on-off state

therefore, the operator can clearly grasp the current working conditions from different observation angles, which greatly reduces the workload of equipment debugging, maintenance and fault inquiry. The novel and unique design of LED makes the fake and inferior products in the market will not have the same function. The installation form of this corner diode was successfully put on the market as early as 2003. At that time, the product model was varikont L, which was a small sensor suitable for the inner cavity without a separate locking slot

varikont l shell size is only 118mm 40mm 40mm. The shell of this variant sensor is designed with a locking groove. The top of the sensor is equipped with all components necessary for sensing and electronic data processing technology, and its main body is equipped with mechanical fixing devices and locking slots for electrical installation. The pre installed fixing plate and electrical connector can be connected together with only three screws. The new varikont sensor adopts the new technology 360 to display the current electrical function status, which makes the installation of the sensor easier (Figure 1), which is conducive to the smaller range replacement of the equipment during commissioning and maintenance, and there is no need to repeat the electrical wiring

the new sensor is solid and durable, and can be used under various indoor and outdoor working conditions with stable performance. Now, these important technical features have been further expanded: it has good resistance to UV irradiation (Fig. 2), and the new sealing scheme enables the sensor to better resist moisture erosion when working in the field. In addition, the tightness and ruggedness of the housing can meet the requirements of both IP 67 and IP 69K. Therefore, the new generation of sensors have better weather resistance, water resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance (Figure 3)

Figure 3 the safety protection level of IP 67 and IP 69K and the improved sealing scheme jointly ensure that the new varikont sensor can better resist moisture, high temperature and mechanical force collision

under the condition of standard shape, the new generation sensor can effectively complete the switch control task within 20 ~ 40mm, especially the type with a control distance of 40mm. In order to complete the control of such a large distance, the sensor with larger specification must be used, and the model size must be at least one size larger. Another feature of the new varikont sensor is that the attenuation coefficient is 1. In the production process of detecting the frequent changes of metal materials, the sensor with this attenuation coefficient provides an ideal solution; For example, iron carbon alloy, aluminum alloy or other light alloy materials often processed in automobile industry enterprises. When a variety of electrical components of machine tool equipment are installed in a relatively narrow space, the electromagnetic performance of this sensor can well resist the influence of the interference current of the surrounding environment. The sensor can be used as a normally closed or normally open switch according to NPN or PNP switches, and can be provided to users according to the common two-wire, three wire and four wire technologies in the market

sensor with new technical level

the new sensor adopts modern design, has made a lot of technical improvements in electrical and mechanical performance, and adopts the pressure condition flashing display technology, which can realize reliable and pressure free work, which makes varikont sensor a step towards the principle of zero defect. Due to the reliable connection technology between the upper and lower parts of the sensor, the user has mastered the possibility of convenient replacement of the sensor, and the user can make his equipment reach the new technical level without new investment; At the same time, the existing cable connection and interface technology of machine tool equipment do not need to be changed

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