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The people's party and government service robot made its debut at the "China Artificial Intelligence Summit"

People's Beijing, August 11 (Wu Yaxiong) - on August 9, under the joint guidance of the central information office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the Ministry of public security, the "China Artificial Intelligence Summit and multimedia information recognition technology competition results conference" hosted by the Xiamen Municipal People's government was held. The results of the first China AI multimedia information recognition technology competition were released at the meeting, in which the people's party and government service robot "Xiaohong" made its debut and won the AI innovation Star Award. According to reports, with a high friction coefficient (0.38~0.50), the selection of the innovation Star Award focuses on AI projects with high innovation, high application value and strong demonstration effect in the fields of Internet, security, education, medical treatment, transportation, retail, office, home, finance, logistics, manufacturing, etc., highlighting innovative AI solution design, reliable project implementation, rich practical application cases and other indicators

"Xiaohong" creates a new way of playing "artificial intelligence + party and government services" relying on the message board of local leaders

in recent years, technological changes have continuously promoted the in-depth development of the government's "deregulation and service" reform, and the form of "Digital Government" with scientific decision-making, refined social governance and efficient public services has been formed

At the press conference, guxiaoxi, product director of the people's "local leaders' message board", introduced that the people's party and government service robot "Xiaohong" relies on the "local leaders' message board", which is a service-oriented entity robot integrating natural language processing, speech recognition, machine vision and other artificial intelligence technologies. Based on the basic ability of artificial intelligence of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., "Xiaohong" has initially possessed three functions: leaving messages to leaders, voice interaction, and automatic navigation

it is reported that the "message board for local leaders" is an interactive platform for cadres and the masses opened by the people for the masses to express their demands, reflect problems, and put forward opinions and suggestions to leading cadres at the provincial, municipal, and county levels. It has a history of 13 years. Over the past 13 years, the platform has received more than 1.2 million responses from local leaders, which is known as "the distribution center of social sentiment and public opinion, and the echo wall of being close to and loving the people". The vast majority of provinces regard it as an important work of local Party committees and governments to make good people leave messages

robots help you "find leaders" and provide more intelligent party and government services

leaving messages for friends is an effective supplement to the work of local party and government institutions. Gu Xiaoxi said that with the full voice interaction, "Xiaohong" will automatically convert voice into text, making the party and government services more intelligent, convenient and fast

"if users need help, they can also have a direct conversation, such as' take me to the conference room 'in the first three quarters of' I want to find a leader ', without hands. The voice from the voice synthesis engine is warmer and more flexible throughout the whole process." At the same time, through the cooperation of hardware and algorithm, the "little red" robot has the ability to act indoors, has a variety of follow-up actions, and has interactive functions at the same time

Gu Xiaoxi said, "in addition to the competitive product of the mass work platform, we will also seek intelligent breakthroughs in more fields according to the driving mode in Jinan experimental machine factory to bring better content technology products to the audience."

from September 5 to 6, the 2019 national mass work Summit Forum will be held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and the robot "Xiaohong" will be further officially unveiled

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