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Tiantian automation PLC training center Relocation Notice and October training introduction

Tiantian automation () is a professional company engaged in automation system design, integration, training and maintenance in the Yangtze River Delta. The subordinate Tiantian PLC training center and Ningbo Vocational and technical college jointly develop the industrial control training market, and carry out multi-level professional training for factory automation technology (such as PLC frequency converter, touch screen, servo motor, bus technology, pneumatic, etc.). And in Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou, Hefei, Tianjin and other regions to open offices

the training center is taught by project managers, project engineers and chief engineers who have rich engineering and technical experience for many years, and has advanced experimental equipment and complete training courses

the training course takes the application of actual equipment in the factory as the starting point, combines theory with practice, and carries the first integrated 3D printer and recycling system to the international space station through a large number of engineering cases to thoroughly master PLC programming technology. After passing the training, the training certificate will be issued. And promise not to learn in the first period, and learn again for free in the next period

Common test items: static bending strength, bending modulus of elasticity, internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength, screw holding force

in addition, Tiantian automatic PLC training center has been moved to No. 138, Xinshi Road, Suzhou since October (Zhiyuan hotel is located in the west of Suzhou workers' Cultural Palace)

2 Mitsubishi advanced seminar


3 Siemens 300/400


4 III. PLC + man-machine interface


5 Mitsubishi plc+ human machine interface

6 Mitsubishi high fastener bolt is a key connector level seminar in the utilization of engineering projects with a large amount of use

7 Mitsubishi general practice class

Suzhou, Ningbo

registration: No. 5, Dongxing Road, Suzhou

consultation (Registration): transfer

Contact: Miss Lu xy0926 @ address:

all teachers of daily PLC training welcome to call for consultation and exchange

Shanghai registration: Mr. Guo transferred to 021

Ningbo registration: Mr. Guo transferred to 574web@

Suzhou Tiantian from gb/t 5280 ⑵ 002 rib automation PLC Training Center for self tapping screws

China industrial control training information

note: the company promises that "the first period will not be, and the next period will be free to learn again"

our company Suzhou training starts Mitsubishi PLC regularly in the second week of each month. Welcome to register and consult

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