Reliability of the hottest hydraulic rock drill

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Reliability of hydraulic rock drill

hydraulic rock drill is the core of hydraulic instruments such as hydraulic drill trucks that do not use rock drilling equipment for a long time. Because it is not suitable for on-site disassembly and maintenance, it must have high reliability requirements. The principles for evaluating the reliability of hydraulic rock drill are:

(1) the average linear meter of equipment that becomes indispensable before the first failure. It belongs to the "running in period" before the hydraulic drill enters the normal operation state. The failure is mostly caused by improper materials, heat treatment process, etc. Through analysis, it is determined that the average linear meter before the first failure of the hydraulic rock drill can be set as 3000m

(2) mean linear meter without failure refers to the average linear meter between two failures of the hydraulic rock drill under the specified use and maintenance conditions after it is put into normal operation. According to the available data of domestic hydraulic rock drills and accessories, the average trouble free linear meter of hydraulic rock drills can be set at 13000 ~ 14000m

(3) hydraulic rock drill does not disassemble linear meters (overhaul life). This index indicates that under the condition of normal rock drilling operation on site and ensuring the maintenance as required, the failure to disassemble and repair the main parts inside the hydraulic rock drill continues to stimulate the endogenous power of the enterprise, but the faulty accumulator, rotary mechanism, water injection mechanism and so on can be replaced as a whole underground, without affecting the production. In the future, there is still a great increase in the cumulative linear meter of normal operation of power products in paper enterprises. The linear meter of hydraulic rock drill without dismantling is mainly based on the impact piston with the shortest working life of the part without dismantling. At present, the coal industry sets the linear meter of hydraulic rock drill without dismantling as 25000m. (end)

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